Wednesday, July 12, 2006


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We drove along my daily route, but I had forgotten that my husband hasn't been this way in quite awhile. When we crested the rise on Keslinger Road he looked to the right and with a great amount of shock in his voice queried, "What's THAT?"

Well, last year it was a soybean field, but now from our high perspective it resembles the beginning of a strip mining process. These large earth movers darted back and forth across the acreage, kicking up huge amounts of dust. The rich black topsoil has been stripped away and the underlying dry layer creates mini dust storms. New residents, fleeing the city for a bit of the country life write letters to the editor, bemoaning the fact that they need to dust their solid cherrywood dining tables twice a day. Once when the farmer tills the field to the north and once when the earth movers create the newest enclave to the west.

I instruct my husband to roll down the window and snap the photo as we pass.

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Zebigleb said...

This is a nice point of view !
Wish you an excellent Week End

For us 14th of July is our national day as 4th for US (Not so far !!!)

See you !