Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the edge

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It always seemed to me that the edge of a cornfield would be a wonderful place to play. There's some shade and the corn rows make cool tunnels. G.I Joe would have some places to hide or Barbie could ride her ATV down the shallow ditch. Mostly you could think of things to do without Joe or Barbie. The leaves could be pulled into thin strips and braided, or you could pull open one of the ears and check on the development of the kernels.

Certainly there are bugs crawling around to study. Or you could simply lie on your back and look at the blue sky and listen to the corn squeak.

Don't go too far down the corn tunnel, you might never find your way out.


Anonymous said...

Yes! An awesome place to play. A few rows in you will find the dirt to be powdery and fine. Like flour really. So soft on bare feet. We would run down the rows, heads bent, arms up to protect faces from the knife-like edges of the corn leaves. We spent a lot of time in the rows playing as kids. Thank you for bringing that memory up!

Nancy Bea said...

Magical. Wish we had a cornfield in our yard for my boys to play in.

Tammy said...

Watch out for big ol' spiders though!!
I love corn mazes in the fall!!

Amy said...

Oh....so many memories! My mom used to pack us a sack lunch to take to our "magic" island (a waterway filled with tall,soft, green grass) that was hidden far, far away. We would take our lunches, walk about 10 rows from the house and duck into the field. Walking for what seemed like hours and traveling many miles(I'm sure it was 5 minutes and only a few hundred feet) suddenly...there it was...our hidden magic island! We would lay on our backs watching the clouds or engage in a good game of pirates. Peanut-butter and jelly sandwhiches never tasted so good. We would play the afternoon away, hidden from the rest of the world(or so we thought) When we heard dad whistle, we would head for home...and dream about our return trip! Thanks for such a picture!!

Zebigleb said...

When I was young, we play in the corn fields, It was very funny

Why must we grow !!

Have a nice day !!

srp said...

Grandpa let us play in the pine grove with the low canopy, too low for adults but just right for children and sheep. We played cowboys and indians, pirates, forts, anything and everything you could imagine. Probably my cousins who lived there on the farm did their bit in the corn fields as well.

Everytime I think about running in cornfields the movie "Field of Dreams" comes to mind.

Judy from Portland Or said...

Thank you Zanne, your pictures and writings make my day, every day.
When I get back there soon, I want to look you up. What started with a picture of Big Rock Fireman a year ago has turned into a wonderful habit. Would you like something from Portland Or? we'll be back in Aug.getting ready for the plowmatch.

Michael Nickels-Wisdom said...

I don't have any childhood cornfield memories...sniff, sniff. But, seen on the Fox Lake bound Metra, this cornfield-related haiku:

urban bungalow
with 6 x 20 foot

P.S: Hasn't anyone here seen the movie "Signs"? But with or without tall green ETs, you who've grown up around cornfields are fortunate.

Here's another tidbit: Around here in the Spring Grove area, we've observed coyote using the cornrows for their undercover travels.

Zanne said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. I'm glad that some memories have been jogged.

Judy- send me an e-mail and let met know when you're in town. There's lots of corn fests in August and the Steam Powered Threshing Bee!

Michael - I'm so honored to have one of your haiku posted on my blog! We say the movie "Signs" and had a big laugh when they went running willy-nilly into the cornfield. That's just not someone you would do unless you had a desire to spend lots of time finding your way out.