Thursday, July 06, 2006


I've made it a habit of leaving early for appointments. There's a reason, as evidenced by today's experience.

This was the tail end of a string of three slow moving farm implements. Actually, they're outfitted for mowing. The fact that there were three made it impossible to pass.

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So you simply take a deep breath and drive slowly, looking at the scenery. If you're successful it has the effect of lowering the blood pressure instead of raising it.

Five minutes later you find yourself behind this -

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What's a person to do? Nothing, drive slow, look at the cows in the field on the right.


Brad Bachelor said...

Another great picture post. I look at your blog the firsst thing in the morning pretty near every day.

I got a chuckle on this one. Especially the Blood Pressure comment. Usually its me on the tractor causing the high pressure, but if I'm in the car going somewhere, my rises too.

Zanne said...

Brad - thanks for visiting every morning. That's the reason I continue to do this after more than a year.

Honestly, I think that if we take situations like this and look at it differently, we'll save ourselves alot of unnecessary stress.

There wasn't much to look at following behind the first tractor and there were some really nervous people who insisted on passing THREE TRACTORS on a curve in a no passing zone. That's just silly and dangerous. But the second tractor was a different story. There was a field to the right that had some beautiful cows and interestingly enough it caused me to go slow enough to notice there was a hand-carved totem pole in the cow pasture.

Again, thanks for visiting,

Floridacracker said...

Imagine how the transplanted urbanites that fill those new subdivisions will react to this...

Zebigleb said...

Funny !
I've allways the same problem when I am in hurry to go somewhere

Next time I'll take my camera


Have a nice day

srp said...

It is the same when you try to go through the tunnel under the bay. It seems to crawl at certain times of the day. The only problem is that when you finally get to the bay bridge, where stopped traffic would be very conducive to getting some good shots of the marina or segull rock or the Navy ships in dock; well, then it goes to moving again. Can't win for losing so might as well put on some classical music and chill.

Anonymous said...

About 20 years ago I was traveling through the slender main street of the rural town I lived in. It was night time and I was in my small VW bug. Combines only have lights on top above where the driver sits. No where near the corn head spears that were raised off the ground and also wider than the street. A very close call, my bug and one of his corn spears. Think olive preparation for a pimento.