Wednesday, May 16, 2007

bringing up the rear

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Here's what I'll call one of those silly feel-good photos. It was interesting to watch momma and poppa lead the babies across the road. Poppa's actions were dramatic and exagerated, as he moved his head up and down, trumpeting loudly. Momma calmly brought up the rear. (I think I have the sexes correctly identified!)

This was on the very busy road that leads (among other places) to the lifestyle mall and I was surprised that the guy in the Hummer behind me didn't whip around to pass me. That would have been bad news for this little family.


Sara said...

What a fabulous photograph. They always want to cross the busiest roads!
Sara from farmingfriends

Ava said...

What a beautful sight! There are baby geese out at the farm where my fiance lives. They are just precious!

Beverly said...

What a very dear photo. I do hope they all survive