Tuesday, May 01, 2007

recipe for disaster

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It appears that someone on a motorcycle has been laying down rubber on nearby Swanberg Road. The country roads are dangerous enough without tempting fate with foolish behavior. Just this afternoon two kids on bikes passed me at incredible speeds. I guess they're not paying attention to all the little white crosses on the roads around here.

This particular road poses a danger at night as deer cross when feeding in the two adjoining fields. My husbands damaged hood is testament to what a grazing glance can do.


kathleen said...

I've seen those kinds of tire tracks on the highway, too. I always wonder just exactly what was going on there - drag racing? Car accident? Or just a single driver living out his dream of driving on the wild side.

Zanne said...

Yes Kathleen, they're all over the back roads around here. Since this is a single track it's definitely a motorcycle which makes it extremely dangerous behavior.