Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a shell

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The lower level brick foundation is all that remains of the barn on Empire Road. I've mentioned before that the barn was dismantled by a company that provides wood for historic renovation and other worthy projects. They do not sell the old barnwood to be used as the interior of a new steak house.

The Village decided to leave the unusual Flemish bond brick foundation intact, although I don't believe they actually have any ideas on how to use this space. I personally think it would be a great venue for small outdoor music concerts or with a stage at one end an outdoor theater. What do you think?


KatKit13 said...

THAT is a great idea. Have you pitched it to them?

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Just found your site...beautiful pictures!

Love this old barn...they should definitely keep it and use it for a venue like you suggested. Too often we throw away old buildings when they could still be used, while maintaining the heritage and character of the area.

Zanne said...

Thanks as always for the comments! I thought for a moment I might have been talking to myself. HA. I will mention my idea to the Village President who is also my neighbor. The usage I suggest is probably many years in the future unless we partner up with a theater or musically involved people in town. Our "village" has only 750 residents and only one retail business that provides sales tax to our coffers. We struggle to do a good job to maintain the miles of roadway that we are responsible for (7 miles I believe). When the old barn was still standing the plan was to re-purpose it to be our town hall and community center. The cost was prohibitive and for safety reasons the barn was dismantled. This once-cathedral like structure was my favorite barn.