Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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Not coffee - Java chicks! In the 1880's Java chickens could be found in nearly every barnyard. They were a good all around breed, but with the advent of specialization they nearly disappeared. The Java's were good layers and were good for meat, but farmers moved towards breeding either for egg production or meat production and the Java's neary disappeared as a breed.

Garfield Farm Museum obtained a small flock of in the 1980's and began to add to the very low numbers of Java's worldwide. To this day the numbers are considered at a critical level.

Tomorrow we'll meet someone who stepped in to help Garfield Farm save Java's.


Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Cute they stay black or white as adults?

Sara said...

The chicks are lovely and I found the post very interesting. I will check if this breed can be found in the UK.
Sara from farmingfriends in the UK

Anonymous said...

Any new information on the javas? I am looking to purchase some for my farm in the spring.

Any info you have would be helpful