Tuesday, May 22, 2007


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There are a special group of people who are dedicated to saving the old livestock breeds that are fast disappearing in a world of modernization and specialization. Some traveled great distances to participate in Garfield Farm Museum's annual Rare Breeds Show.

You certainly won't get rich breeding these rare animals which makes it a commitment to the future and the past. As I mentioned there are breeds which are in a critical state and some that have disappeared forever. No longer needed for their original purpose (such as some of the draft animals) they've been relegated to the status of a curiousity.

This woman is gazing at the Suffolk horse she brought to the show. You can read more about the Suffolk HERE.


BettyWestern said...

Zanne, check out www.wealddown.co.uk I think you'll like it. If you ever get over to the UK, they have a rare breeds show each summer July or August. I have some photos of a friend's prize winning Southdowns sheep somewhere - when I find it I'll post it over at my place.

The Suffolk Punch is a magnificent horse and on the endangered list. One day I'm gonna get me one!

Leslie said...

I'm guessing you're familiar with the American Livestock Breed Conservatory (ALBC). We try to raise breeds that are tasty *and* endangered. We have Speckled Sussex chickens and may switch to Buckeyes. We are learning about rabbits with some common ones but hope to switch to American Chinchillas. It's important to maintain genetic diversity.