Monday, June 25, 2007


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Don't say I never take you anywhere.

Over the next few days we will be embarking on an adventure. Long time readers will remember this adventure from last year. Those of you who are new to the farmers wife will enjoy the trip, I promise!

To start the adventure I'm going to offer a special surprise - a jar of wonderful honey from the nearby Heritage Prairie Market to the first person who can identify the gentleman in the photo above and how he figures into our adventure. Even newcomers can play because if you dig through the archives you'll find his name, think this time last year. If you examine the photo closely you'll see a few clues. Granted a jar of honey isn't exactly like winning the lottery, but it is very good honey.

This is, like many contests, a game of chance. So the person who happens onto the website at just the right time and finds the information will be the winner.

Good luck and be sure to come back tomorrow when our adventure "takes off".


srp said...

It's the pilot from the little airport near Oregon, Illinois. Darryl Jensen. And you are going up to see the field project designs for this year. They will be different from last year but just as beautiful! Hope the weather holds!

Another blogger moved from Ann Arbor to Chicago this year. I do wish you and she could get together... she really misses her garden and land. Her name is Vicki over at Outside In, now known as A Mark on My Wall.

Zanne said...

WOW! That was fast. It's good to know that my readers pay attention. Darryl Jensen has a good memory also because when I walked up with the cameras around my neck he said, "Oh, the Farmers Wife!"

Congratulations to long-time reader SRP. She's been with me on this ride almost from the beginning I believe. Click on her link above and check out her wonderful blog.

SRP - Please e-mail me with your address so that I can get the honey in the mail.