Thursday, June 21, 2007

save the date - BARN SALE!!

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OK - there's a first - the first time I've used capital letters in the post title. This event deserves CAPITALS!!

Save the date - June 30th - for Garfield Farm Museum's Barn Sale.
The sale will be held at the Mongerson Farm property complex - shown pictured above.
39W962 Route 38 - Elburn, Illinois
Mongerson Farm is 3 miles west of Randall Road on the north side of the road.
Look for the signs.
Open 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
Food and beverage provided by Geneva's Inglenook Pantry will available the day of the sale.

If you are anywhere near northern Illinois make plans to attend this event. It's going to be a great sale with proceeds benefitting Garfield Farm. Donations of all kinds have arrived by the truckload and volunteers are busy sorting, arranging and pricing the merchandise. I snuck a peek in the barn and all I can say is WOW! There's lots of great treasures including books, seasonal items, furniture, antiques, cool vintage items and more. It's like a great garage sale on steroids. The first barn is full and items are spilling over into the dairy barn. I have my eye on the best items so if you want to get a chance at stealing them from under my nose you're going to need to get there right on time.

This will be a chance to get an up close look at the Mongerson Farm property and meet the wonderful people who keep Garfield running smoothly.

Here's a peek at the activity inside the barn, but remember this is just the tip of the iceberg as they are still unpacking!

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Get some friends together and make a day of it. After shopping the barn sale you can drive a mile to the east and visit HERITAGE PRAIRIE MARKET.

I'll be at the sale for part of the day. If you see me, introduce yourself. I'll have a camera around my neck and a special little gift for Farmers Wife readers.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm from the Chicago area, went to college at NIU in DeKalb, but live in Florida now and really miss Jays Potato chips. Can you sell the can in the photo to me? I looked for your email address but couldn't find it. Can you post it?

Thanks! Susan in FL

Zanne said...

Imagine my surprise to discover that my Blogger profile does not include an e-mail link. I'll have to fix that.

If you're in Florida it probably means that you've found the Farmers Wife by way of Pure Florida and any friend of Florida Cracker is a friend of mine. I'll see what I can do about nabbing that potato chip can for you.

This just might be a first for the Garfield Farm sale - an out-of-state purchase conducted over the internet. You've gotta love it.

My e-mail address is

Just don't pass it along to the spammers, OK?

joslyn said...

i want to come. i think its to far. i love sales like this.

Zanne said...

Joslyn - No, it can't be too far. Pack a lunch - leave now. I'll bring lemonade.