Thursday, March 30, 2006

approaching storm

We've visited this farmhouse several times in the past year. I pass it every morning and every evening. The sight of it bothers me terribly, standing all alone at the edge of what was once a corn and soybean field.

It never occurred to me to take a photo when it was still among the living, two summers ago. It was simply that nice white farmhouse, invisible in it's normalcy. One day workmen moved in and made short work of the beautiful mature trees that hugged the home in a protective gesture. The huge oaks stood to the right of the house, and a few more trees out front. It's hard to remember actually.

The next morning I was startled at the sight of the house standing alone. Without the protection and soft green frame of the oaks the home looked cold and foreboding. Now they've dug a deep trench to the left and rear of the house. A strange moat whose purpose for now remains a mystery.

The barns and silos are gone, they've spared the house for some reason.


srp said...

Do you think they might be moving the house? I hope so, it looks like it was sturdy and had a family that loved it.

Zanne said...

My guess is that they're going to use it as some type of sales office. People are moving here because they want a piece of the "country" and this farmhouse would be a strong symbol of that desire. Or at the least a construction office. We'll follow what happens to this property. I wish I could find someone who has a photo of this farm in it's heyday.

pablo said...

It sure looks like it's going to be moved. Seems like it would have been pulled down by now if that were its fate.

KatKit13 said...

You've posted before of this farmhouse. It has such a melancholy feel, but wow, what a home it must have been. It looks huge!

And the craftsmanship, you just don't see that anymore. Stunning piece.

Melissa said...

It is so lonely. It makes me sad, but a beautiful sadness.

Anonymous said...

it is a beautiful scene

there is just something about it

I saved it as my background on my pc

thank you