Sunday, March 19, 2006


We are leafless still. Any plant life that would have the audacity to show itself at this point would only be rewarded with the icy crystallization of its cell structure. Nothing is showing vitality.

But at least it was a sunny day. Clear and cold, with a little warmth towards midday, provided by the sun. The anticipation of spring becomes unbearable, just when you think there's a break, we're back in the deep freeze.

Some farmers have planted fields with early crops. It's wonderful to see again the deep furrows running to the horizon in perfect rows. Can spring be far behind? One can hope.


Anonymous said...

I'd call this one, "Interview with a Tree, waiting for Spring's arrival" :-)
Me likey!

We have willows greening, grass sprouting and growing a bit, flowers, and redbuds/cherry trees/bradford pears blooming...but today it rained, and even sleeted a little. *sigh* Spring is persnickety this year! The Oaks will have to be patient this year, along with the rest of us.

srp said...

Here at the beach we have daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, tulip magnolias, ornamental plums, forsythia and of course dandelions.