Saturday, March 25, 2006


This old building in Virgil has seen better days. Years ago it was converted to an apartment building. The sign says "Bank", but I've learned not to make assumptions based on an old sign.

A small section of stucco has peeled away at the base of the structure, hinting at an interesting hidden surface of brickwork underneath. I wonder if anyone has a photo of this building in it's heyday. It would be interested to see it's orginal facade.


KatKit13 said...

LOL I'm liking the cedar shakes above the windows.

Is it a home now?

Zanne said...

No, it's apartments.

srp said...

Wish there were someone to refurbish these buildings, keeping the character.

Anonymous said...

Have you talked to anyone in the Sauber family? They would know a lot of the history, if you are interested.