Sunday, March 05, 2006

little big house on the prairie

Winter slams us again with its authority. We're under a winter storm advisory, and let me tell you that we don't even mention the word "snow" if we're talking under a foot. It's snowing heavily at the moment, creating near white-out conditions once again.

This photo is an exercise in demonstrating scale as it applies to the open spaces around here. The little big house on the prairie pictured here is at my estimation, about 15,000 sq. ft. That's the size of a large small town library, if we had a small town library, which we do not. Nor a post office or a fire house.

This mansion sits alone in the middle of several hundred acres, but don't fear, other homes are in the planning process.

It does look quite small in the context of Mother Natures firmament, doesn't it?


Sharon Delman said...

I recently discovered your blog and enjoy it immensely. I grew up in Decatur, Illinois so the scenes you share literally take me home. From the first photograph I saw of yours, I recognized home. Thanks for putting interesting perspective around a place that I didn't always find that interesting. You've made me appreciate my roots a bit more.

Zanne said...

Well then I shall say, "Welcome Home Sharon"!

What you say is true, we often don't find the beauty or interesting features of our home turf. It just all seems boring and tedious, especially when we're young people looking to strike out into the big, wide world.

Sharon Delman said...

Zanne, I'm not so young these days (41 to be precise). Still, your words are very true. Thanks for presenting a very real, down to earth view of life. It makes me proud. Thanks for that too.

Floridacracker said...

The absurdity of a house that big just boggles me.

pablo said...

Trophy mansions are really an embarrassment in the end I think.

Tim Rice said...

You're talking about winter storms and I'm dreaming about this weekend when the weatherman says it might even hit 70 degreees Fahrenheit in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Actually, it felt rather pleasantly warm this afternoon.