Thursday, March 02, 2006


Several years ago a man returned to this area intent on doing bodily harm to his ex-wife. Having been warned of his intent she sought refuge at a friends house. Enraged he did what he could to make her life a living hell - he murdered her mother and dragged her down this lonely lane. He hid her body in the basement of the old farmhouse, knowing that it might possibly never be found. The farm stands quite a distance off the road and if bulldozers ever moved in they would simply push all the debris into the basement space.

Once upon a time the dilapidated farmhouse and barns that lie at the end of this road were beautiful and functional, but this place was abandoned many years ago. The murderer had partied here as a teenager, drinking and smoking pot in the secluded spot off a blacktopped road.

He confessed and led police to the body. No one ever checked on this old place, it simply decayed and hid murder victims within it's hidden recesses.


Katie said...

Is this near Mulford road?

Lizelotte said...

What a gruesome story - and I love the way your photo illustrates the story...

I visited Illinois a long time ago - I was mostly around Chicago, and around Crystal Lake west of the city. I also went to Wisconsin a couple of times - I liked the rural areas ... being from Denmark I probably should, too :-)

Your site is very interesting - I will certainly be back for more stories :-)

Zanne said...

I'm not familiar with Mulford...this is on Dauberman Rd.

Lizelotte - I'm glad you're able to revisit Illinois, if only through my photos. These placed I'm portraying are just 40 miles west of Chicago, and just 20 miles directly south of Crystal Lake.

Occasionally I travel up to Wisconsin, so you'll probably see pictures from there also if you stick around.

Thanks everyone for your comments. They are always greatly appreciated. I don't always have the time to acknowledg them. Thanks for understanding.