Friday, March 10, 2006


What's to do if you're stopped at a railroad crossing waiting for a slow moving freight to pass by? Why, roll the windows down and start taking photographs of course.

The ice crystal-laden branches on the other side of the road were beautiful, but required the full 10x zoom capabilities of the Fuji. Not a very successful attempt as at that range the camera cannot "grab" on the ice crystals to focus.

The open field of dark loamy topsoil is behind me and to the left, making for an impossible shot. I glance to the right and see some interesting shadows cast against the side of the barn. The cluster of buildings seems very interesting to me also.

The train passes, the guy in front of me looks quizically into the rear view mirror....What is the heck is she taking photos of? Shadows my man, shadows.


srp said...

I wonder what neighbors think when they see me sitting on the ground trying to get just the right angle on a macro shot. Probably the same thought as they had 18 years ago when as a single mother I tried to mow my front yard with a mower that wouldn't start and a weed eater that would throw out fifteen feet of fishing line and then break off, and repeated this every two minutes. "What a show!"

KatKit13 said...

What a beauty! I love tree shadows.

Nice layout on this photo. It has inspired me to haul out my watercolors again. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking photographs of my property! Just wait until spring, the forsythias and daffodils should be a sight.