Monday, March 13, 2006


Triple meters tell me that three apartments occupy this old brick building. It stands at the crossroads in a small rural town. Once the first floor housed a dry goods store, or perhaps a hardware know, the old type, where you could buy one screw or ten bolts. I love the sound as the ten penny nails were dumped into the hanging scale.

Now the place has been divided up into apartments. No cable service this far out so everyone is wired to a satellite. Notice the tiny air conditioner. Bet that thing gets a work out on a hot day.


mark said...

The juxtaposition of the modern satellite dishes with the old bricks is terrific!

Tim Rice said...

I love this photo - the old and the new and the sun shining on the bricks. It catches my eye.

Floridacracker said...

I like the corner brick work.

Mathemagician said...

You were facing northish whilst taking this picture. Seems two tennents prefer the west coast satellites and only one prefers the east coast satellites.

This pic tells me that the new doesn't quickly replace the old, but blend together over time to mark change.