Friday, December 23, 2005

lonely road

This was taken at the side of yesterdays lonely road. It is, in fact, quite lonely. This road runs north and south for only about a mile, and it's only purpose is to connect two other rural roads. It also provides access to the only farmhouse on this stretch of road. One house, one barn, a couple outbuildings and unfortunately another item.

Check the photo out carefully. Like the old puzzles where you had to search the drawing for what "didn't belong", this image contains a portend of things to come. There's a small stake in the center, with a piece of blaze orange surveyors tape tied at the top. This is the harbinger of developers.

I my vivid imagination I bring the trees alive, Ents from the Lord of Rings stalk the fields and rip out all of the surveyors markers, temporarily saving the fields from destruction, or development, however your point of view runs.

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pablo said...

In Desert Solitaire Edward Abbey talks of pulling up developer's stakes and burning them but knowing at the time that he merely slowed development, not stopped it. Today this would probably be classified as a terrorist attack and be dealt with using a lot of secret laws.