Wednesday, December 21, 2005

used tractor lot

There are no used car lots out here. Don't need them. Just park your car/truck/tractor next to the barn, facing the roadway, put a sign "For Sale" on it and prepare to bargain.

People often wonder why there are so many junk cars on rural property. Where are you going to take the car when it dies? To a junkyard? Well, in some cases that's a hundred miles or more. How are you going to get it there? Tow trucks charge per mile....times a hundred miles. Besides it provides wildlife with some cover.

And don't forget the best reason of all to hang on to the old Chevelle - - because a car restoration buff will give you big money 30 years down the road! And....he'll haul it away.


srp said...

That's quite a nice looking tractor, is it really for sale?

Zanne said...

Yes, this farmer actually has two for sale. The developers are moving in and he's moving on.

Floridacracker said...

I have a 1982 GMC quietly resting in the back yard, near my shed. You forgot one other reason for having a junk car in the yard, "...because it was my first truck ever, I bought it new in '82 and there are just too many memories in it to give up on it even if I am a non mechanic and will never make it run again and even if it's inanimate metal and rubber...I still love it."
Yup, you forgot to mention that reason :)

Zanne said...

Your right, and if you didn't keep that Chevelle like I didn't, you're kicking yourself right now.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a fantastic picture!!!! Really terrific! I never thought about the reasons why you see old beat up cars as you said..Makes peffect sense, though! And if you wait long enough...they are worth a lot, all over again! That's what I call "Profitable Recyling"!

Incompetant Critic said...

Well was again a nice Pic

Must say that

I wonder, have some old 1957 Scooters would they allow me to show ancient History ???