Tuesday, August 02, 2005

beating the heat

Sunday morning is stinking hot, and the weatherman has predicted temperatures of up to 100 degrees. With the other animals released the prize winners get a few extra fans to help them beat the heat. Banks of fans are strapped together and blow into the barn.

It's a long haul until the 1:00 auction time, and chances are the heat will keep the bidding crowd down, which is not good for the kids. The cattle will probably be auctioned off and lower prices this year.


Hick said...

These are all wonderful photos. It makes me proud of the next generation knowing there are many hard working youth who would be willing to spend so much time, sweat and sleepless hours on something they love (and that can't be plugged in to a wall outlet.)

pilgrim said...

I agree with Hick, i was thinking about the same thing when viewing so many fine young men and women working hard, living clean and proudly.
I hope you get a relief from the heat, and the prices do justice to the cattle quality.

pablo said...

Hey! I love my computer and spend hours with it, many of them sleepless, and it gets plugged into the wall. So . . . there!