Sunday, August 28, 2005


Early morning sunlight streams into the formerly dark space of the hayloft. According to the newspaper this barn is 130 years old, but I doubt that age because it seems to me that it was constructed using more modern methods. The entire barn is sturdy, save for the west wall which has started to peel away. The beams are lined in straight rows, and they're plenty of them. They're not as huge as those in some of the older barns, which are 12 x 12's. These, I determined later are 8 x 8's. I take my photos and slip out of the barn, knowing that shortly the crew will arrive to resume their work.


pablo said...

This is a melancholy series of photos, but they're posed with your usual skill and vision.

pilgrim said...

Beautiful picture, Suzanne! I love how the sunlight passes through the framework. A very magical atmosphere.