Monday, August 29, 2005

it's enough

Santa Claus has gone the way of childhood myth, oh so many years ago. But last year as I began to take up photography again as a hobby, I longed to find some like-minded people, a camera club perhaps. So I took a chance and on Christmas eve asked Santa for a camera club. And, lo and behold, in January there appeared a flyer at the local photography shop - "Camera club forming..."

But now it's August, and Santa won't accept requests for another couple of months. When the bid was awarded to take down the barn I began to meditate on it's fate...thinking good thoughts about it's useful and faithful service as an important partner in the success of the farm that occupied this land. I didn't presume to ask that it be spared.

I'm getting older myself and have come to the conclusion that a long and hard working life is it's own reward - no need for lingering past all usefulness.

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pilgrim said...

Warm and melancholic, as well as your thoughts...