Saturday, August 20, 2005

what's more fun than a video game?

This scene brought back memories of my young children, who took great pleasure in making an entire afternoon of fun centered around a large discarded cardboard box. Or the day they decorated paper grocery bags and cut holes so they could see, and proceeded to run around the yard with bags on their heads. (I have the photographic evidence of that adventure somewhere).

These children were having a delightful time in the haystack. Perhaps it was something new, maybe it just magic hay. But I do remember as a child, spending many hours in the hayloft of a dairy barn, engaged in every type of imaginative play.

Hay is magic - believe it!


srp said...

Oh yes, hay is magical. I remember old fashion, horse drawn hay rides in the fall; cool weather, feet dangling over the side, piles of hay to lean back on, a boyfriends hand to hold. Yes...I remember hay.

KatKit13 said...

What a sweet photo! I was wondering, do you get email addresses to share these with their parents or do you just hand them your card and say "go look"?

Hay is magic. We used to have hay fights, skid along the hay loft (it was hardwood floored - don't ask me why - I just have some vague memory of it being set up for barn dances many years ago).

And that smell - I just LOVE the smell of fresh cut hay.

Zanne said...

I hand out my cards, and invite people to check out the website. If they e-mail me I'm happy to provide them with a print. But here's the thing....let take this photo. I took probably a dozen shots, and only one "worked". So I can't guarantee people that they'll be included on the website or that the photos will actually turn out! I do enjoy hearing from people though.

Avery - the man on the old tractor did actually have his daughter look it up on the website, and he sent me a nice e-mail.

Floridacracker said...

What a great shot. It could be on a John Deere Calendar.

pilgrim said...

That's healthy fun! (Unless you are alergic to hay ;-) Sweet picture!