Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The work on the loft areas of the barn continues in somewhat orderly fashion, but the floor of the loft has been removed, which allows all the loose material to fall into the milkroom below. The result is total chaos.

The most mysterious element of the image is a childs wheelchair which stands abandoned among the debris. When I first visited the barn the chair was in a small tool room. I've never been able to determine how or why it appeared in a old dairy barn.


pablo said...

My guess: it was stolen and stashed there. Then the need for it disappeared, or the profile of it would have increased if used. Eventually, the thief was too embarrassed or too clueless about what to do with it, so it was abandoned altogether.

Or there may be a less uncharitable reason.

Vicki said...

This photo story continues to captivate me. My first glance at today's photo cued images of the past couple days in the wake of Katrina.