Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the lovely bones

"The barn is America at it's fragrant and warmest best. It stands for the genius of a nation built of rich soil and fat cattle." - Robert P. Tristram Cuffin, On the Green Carpet, 1951

Perhaps it's no mistaked that I happened across a copy of "The Lovely Bones" a couple weeks ago at the Goodwill store. Last Tuesday evening I began to read.

Those of you who have been following The Farmers Wife for awhile know about "the barn". It was an image entitled, "Milking Room Window" that first drew Pilgrim to my site, an image that spoke to him across the miles in faraway Paraguay.

I've bemoaned the barn's fate in image and in word, loudly dreading the day of it's demise. The vow was made publicly that although not around for it's raising, I would record it's razing.


srp said...

I read that book a few weeks ago. So sad, and unfortunately so appropriate in our day and age.

pablo said...

Hope you like that novel more than I did. Didn't seem worth the trouble to me.

Love the barn pic though.

EJ said...

Nice! I like old, exposed barns. I have a shot of an old Sears Roebuck barn twisting in on itself. I need to dig it out an post it now! www.evan7.com