Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the hag

Normally cheerful sunflowers have given up the ghost, surrendering in the face of heat, drought and pests. Overnight they've gone from ingenues to the hags of the community garden plot.


pablo said...

Sunflowers have been called the perfect symbol of the Midwest because they are always bowing their heads to the East (NEW YAWK CITY). L and I drove across Kansas once during sunflower time. There are miles and miles of the things, and they are impressive in their prime.

srp said...

I love sunflowers. In nothern Italy they have fields and fields of sunflowers and the face of the flower seems to follow the sun during the day, all flowers in a field turned the same way, facing said sun.

Hope you are getting some relief today in Northern Illinois.

Zanne said...

YES's raining, a nice steady rain. It feels like heaven and we went outside awhile ago and walked around getting soaked. Unfortunately some of the corn fields I saw this morning appeared to be beyond all hope - brown and crispy around the edges.