Wednesday, April 18, 2007

cast a big shadow

In a whispery tone - "I see photographs".

I remember when Patty Kennedy from Garfield Farm asked me where I found my inspiration for photographs. At that moment it occurred to me that it was a question I'd never given any thought to. My answer simply flew out of my mouth though, so it's apparent that on some level I understood what was going on.

"My deadline is my inspiration," I answered.

It was true. If you commit to taking and publishing a photo a day, your deadline looms large in your thought process. There's a need to be actively looking for photographs, which is a good thing because that's how I work. I first see the photo in my mind and then shoot to capture that image.

Today's shot is a good case in point. I was driving down Empire Road late in the day and as I'm always scanning the landscape for something interesting I noticed the huge oak tree casting a large shadow on the grain bins. I drove a half mile or so to a place where I could turn around and drive back to the old farm. There are also many mental notes I've taken of places to get to when really dramatic skies present themselves. Again, I've mentally created a shot of a barn or farm with big drama in the skies and my job is to wait until conditions are right for the shot.


Bluepaintred said...

heres comment number one to get you started ont eh sixhundred plus (lmao im over from ree's)

i love black and white photo's usually, I find they are full of hope, even though the shades are traditionally those of dispair.

in the shadow if this tree I can almost see the buds getting ready to pop out to make a new years crop of leaves to shelter under.

a peice of art!

Zanne said...

Thanks for hopping over here from Ree's site. Mine doesn't have quite the perks of the Pioneer Woman though. I hoping against all hope to win her contest.