Tuesday, April 17, 2007

johnson's mound

On my way to town I often take the route past Johnson's Mound Forest Preserve. It takes just a few minutes to drive along the narrow, winding path up to the top of the mound and down the other side. It's a beautiful ride and it's interesting to see what is happening deep in this forest. There are alot of huge trees that have been downed and lie prstrate on the forest floor.

The mound is the highest spot around, a kind of mini-mountain to us flatlanders. It's said to be material deposited when the last ice age rolled through here.


Anonymous said...

Your redesigned site looks absolutely wonderful! Very easy on the eyes. ;-)

Thanks for your lovely shots...

Zanne said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging comment. I like this new design better and was so happy when Blogger offered a wider space in which to post photographs. I'm hoping that they'll take this a step further and create a design specifically for photoblogs.

Your comments are always appreciated.