Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lone Star Beer

Here's the final destination on my field trip, Crespo Food and Liquor in Chicago. They're one of the few retail outlets that carry Lone Star Beer. I was under the impression that this was a large grocery store but it seems there are no large grocery stores in the city, at least I didn't see a single one after I passed into the city limits. What do these people do for groceries?

This was a very small place, about the size of my family room. They carried mostly liquor and thankfully had plenty of the Lone Star I was hunting for. There was a small cooler inside the front door, the kind you find at the grocery check out filled with Coke and water. This cooler however was filled with quarts of cheap wine.


Lori said...

I tagged you for a "Thinking Blogger" award. I hope you don't mind as I love your place here!

KatKit13 said...

There are a few Jewel and Dominick's stores in the city but they're pretty well hidden, and in what is considered a poor neighborhood, pretty nonexistent. Mostly people travel a long way or go to the little mom and pop's like you were in today.

That's one big deterrent for me to consider living in the city. I'm spoiled, I love my big grocers here in the burbs.

Zanne said...

Thanks Lori!! I like to believe I think...ha ha.

KatKit - I passed through some poorer areas, in fact this was just a couple blocks from one of those neighborhoods, but this little mom & pop store was surrounded by very pricey brownstones - Wicker Park, I believe. When I grocery shop it's large quantities. I can't imagine hauling all that food on public transportation or for blocks because you can't find close parking. Peapod must do a great business here.

Beverley, UK said...

And so I'm thinking Zanne, do you think Lone Star Beer will have found it's way over here to little ole England?! Good on you for making the trip - what a considerate hostess. Hope the party was fun.

Networkchic said...

We actually do have grocery stores...they are just few and far between. :-)

I've seen that Lone Star beer...but have never had the pleasure of tasting it.

annie said...

Generally, when living in a large city, one goes shopping in small "batches." Most things can be acquired within walking distance and storage space in apartments is at a premium. Also, there is quite often an issue with pests of various sorts... You don't want to keep a lot of food around to attract more of them.