Monday, April 16, 2007


Remember the old satellite dishes that were the size of a radio telescope? Out here in the country we're pretty happy to have small, affordable satellite dishes that can connect us to more than the three local stations. There's a station that broadcasts information on the issues and problems with raising cattle...American Ranchers I believe.

Cable never, ever would have come out here. We're just grateful to be connected to the rest of the world, when we choose to be. Don't forget to keep watching that Iowa Corn Cam. Things are going to start heating up soon.


Ang. said...

We still chose to not be connected to more than our local 3-5 channels (all depending on the weather!). We certainly aren't "normal" in those regards. Heh. We probably aren't considered "normal" in a whole lot of ways come to think of it!

lisa's chaos said...

How weird is this? This morning I was on flickr and looking at photos on some of my groups and I saw this one. Thought it interesting. Then, I was at Ree's photo contest, read your entry and clicked onyour blog and . . .

Well, here I am. I figure with running across you twice in one day I better bookmark you and check back.

Great pic, btw!

Zanne said...

ang.- I'm addicted to the science shows and couldn't do without satellite.

Lisa- I'm counting on you to bookmark and check back .....often!