Monday, April 02, 2007

wall history

Layers of wallpaper have peeled back in the kitchen revealing a thick layer of mold on the underside of the paper. This location isn't old enough or unique enough to draw the attention of archaeologists, but just like in ancient times there are several layers of decoration - paper upon paper and many layers of paint.

The layers are more apparent in the parlor. It occurs to me that I was not aware that it's possible to paper without removing the previous layer. This must have been in the days before strippable wallpaper.


dara said...

The 100 year old house where I grew up in Kirkersville Ohio had so many layers of wallpaper in my bedroom. I swear the room was getting smaller each time it was repapered. I remember at least 5 layers.

KatKit13 said...

Looks like you have 40s wallpaper there (the blue flowers). Some 60s, maybe late 50s (the funky medallions) and the last is 70s. Wonder what's under that 40s paper.

My grandmother's old farmhouse was like this. Except, she didn't paint first, so the wall board came off with the paper. Whatamess!!

KatKit13 said...

Wait, is that ceiling papered too? The Amish do that.

Play Poker said...

Everything, everything.