Saturday, April 07, 2007


The barn and outbuildings stood just to the east of the old farmhouse we've been exploring this week. We visited this property before, on March 9, 2006. At that time I photographed from the roadway, not actually venturing on the property but I believe the barn had already collapsed at that time. 64 acre farm for sale, 64 acre farm still for sale.

Walking around the outbuildings it becomes apparent that the barn has collapsed in a giant wave of energy, sweeping towards the silo. The lean-to portion of the barn is left partially standing. The reverse side of the lean-to show above speaks to the power of the final death throes of the barn. The opposing force has pushed the structure into a convulted form. Patches of color reveal the original barn red paint.

64 acre farm for sale. Not ever to be used as a farm again. Perhaps the sign should read, "64 acre development plot for sale".


KatKit13 said...

I thought about you today, when I noticed a small run-down farm that's been on Renwick for years... and in the back was an old, almost gone, octagonal chicken coop!! I think I'm going to go see if I can get some photos of it. It's a great shape for a coop.

The barns falling down around here make me so sad. And more and more are disappearing as we officially become a Chicago suburb.

Zanne said...

Yes, get over there and get some shots. An octagonal chicken coop is quite unusual around here. I've seen one I think. And that's exactly what's happening here - about 50 miles from the Chicago city limits and we are starting to be considered the "greater Chicagoland area". Sad because our rural identity is disappearing and I hope to record some of it before it disappears for good.