Sunday, April 22, 2007

orchid storefront

The city neighborhoods I passed through on my trek to buy Lone Star Beer were colorful and quirky. There were lots of hand painted signs and it was a barrage of color and form. This storefront was painted orchid and I'm not quite sure if they've gone out of business or are just waiting to open. There were lots and lots of beauty salons and barber shops along the way so everyone must be very well groomed.

You never know what you might see, including this man who was standing in the middle of the very busy street with some hefty videography equipment. The light turned red as I passed him so the only way to get a shot was to aim in the side view mirror. He was taping a very nondescript storefront and my guess is that they were taping a commercial.

I can't say that anything quite this interesting happens out here in the country. Oh wait, there was the time a box fell out of a delivery van on Burlington blacktop road. Someone, surely a newbie to the area called the sheriff's police to report a suspicious package in the roadway. They called the bomb squad from another town to come out and investigate. I happened to drive by the area and was in disbelief. Did they possibly think that someone was attempting to blow up the corn, because that's all that was around for at least 3 miles. It turned out to be a Publisher's Clearing House package for a senior citizen in Maple Park.

That's about as exciting as it gets out here unless someone's cows sneak out of the pasture.

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