Thursday, April 26, 2007

planting time

Farmers have started the planting season. This is a small field on Pouley Road. If I remember correctly last year it was planted in corn, so this year should be soybeans. We'll visit again when the seedlings come up and watch as the plants grow. The bags of seed are loaded on the back of the pick up and the green buckets pulled behind the tractor are filled with seed. And yes - Illinois topsoil is that black and rich.

Speaking of watching plants growing, there's still no activity on the Iowa Corn Cam. They should be planting the first part of May so check in often. I have to laugh when they get comments that their camera must be broken because the picture never changes. It does change but something on the scale of geological time - SLOW.


sugarcreekfarm said...

Should be soybeans, but with the ethanol boom many are planting corn on corn. Blech.

Planting here in Iowa is pretty delayed with the cold weather and now the rain. Tomorrow things are supposed to dry off and warm up. That should kick things into gear again.

Lori said...

I wonder about the wheat here this year. We are a big wheat county, yet we've had such harsh temps and so much rain. Right now it looks lush and green. We'll see once harvest comes around.