Sunday, April 01, 2007


I plan to spend a number of days examining the decaying interior of the old farmhouse. The patterns created as a building decomposes are fascinating.

Upstairs in one of the bedrooms the wallpaper has pulled away from the wall and gracefully draped to the floor, puddling at the bottom. The handheld shot is probably more than a little shaky. I was quite unsure of the condition of the flooring and was afraid that I might fall through to the first floor. Needless to say I didn't spend alot of time up there.


pablo said...

I think I have that very same wallpaper in my kitchen. I'm trying to imagine the lives of the people who once lived in this house. At one time I'd bet that choosing and putting up that wallpaper is a cheery and hopeful act on their part. They might have admired how lovely it made the room look and how it brightened their day. And now, those people and their dreams are probably, just like the house forgotten. Sad, in a way. Wow, what your photos do to me!


Zanne said...

I'm glad Pablo, because I guess my intent is to get people to care about what the way of life and buildings that are passing or at the very least to notice. I've had locals e-mail me and say "I've driven by that spot a thousand times and never saw it the way you do. Thanks for helping me "see".

I want people to wonder, like you, who the farmers were, how they lived their lives and ultimately what's happened to them.

Floridacracker said...

Re: your comment to Pablo.
I think you are accomplishing that goal.
I've been enjoying this series.