Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It's apparent that vandals have been in the house. The stove has been tossed in the back yard, the fixtures have been ripped up and the tub is missing. Thankfully there is no graffiti and there are no signs that it's been used as a party house by local teenagers.

I'm pretty confident that this farmhouse did not have indoor plumbing or electricity when it was built. Most farm were "electrified" in the 1960's. Most likely this bathroom was once a large pantry as it lies just off the kitchen.

Reader Pablo was correct about these old houses. I remembered his words when I was walking gingerly through the space. There were only two very, very tiny closets in this house. The upstairs bedrooms were tiny and it was not apparent to me how anyone could get furniture up the doll sized staircase with it's 90 degree turn.

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