Friday, April 27, 2007

fallen giant

The walk through the woods was a reconnaisance mission to see how spring is progressing. The temperatures northern Illinois are positively frigid and damp. It's a possibility that we won't have a spring and leap right into summer.

The May Apples blanket sections of the forest floor and delicate white flowers appear in patches here and there. The discovery of the afternoon was this fallen giant, upended roots and all from it's anchored spot near a roadway. It simply speaks to the seasons of life.


lisa's chaos said...

I like the mystical feel of this photo. The green creeping to life and slight hae in the background, waiting to see knights pounding by on their horses or a dragon peek his head around that group of trees right there.

karl said...

i think i see a morel mushroom just to the right of the tree root.

pablo said...

I wish I was there right now. I'd be sitting on that log, contemplating leaving a pile of peanuts for the critters even as I was eating the peanuts myself.

The fact that there doesn't appear to be a hole where the roots were uprooted suggests that tree has been sitting there a long time.

Lori said...

I always wonder what happens to uprooted trees and think about the void left where it once stood.

It does seems like spring is hiding this year...but we have the promise of a beautiful weekend, so perhaps she's going to come out and play afterall.

Granny Fran said...

So glad that Marty named you for one of her "Thinking Blog" awards.
Your photos are the BEST! Thank you.

Zanne said...

Lisa- I too thought that there might be fairies hiding in the forest floor.

Karl - Mushroom identification is not one of my skills. I'll take your word for it, are they poisonous?

Pablo - Yes, I can see you feeding the squirrels and yourself. This tree has been down for some time although there are others that still have the root ball attached.

Lori- Yes! I think maybe it's here for good. But you remember the last time I made that proclamation.... we were buried under a snowstorm the next day.

Granny Fran - I'm so glad you've found our little corner of the world, and what kind comments about my photography. I've checked out your artistry in fabric - fantastic!