Saturday, January 14, 2006

moon dog

In addition to hoarfrost, Mother Nature puts on a nighttime show in the winter. It's something called a moon dog, a glowing ring around the moon. On a clear winters night, when conditions are right you can view the show.

Of course if you search on the web you'll find a scientific explanation, some blah blah about ice crystal shapes.

"The ring that appears around the moon arises from light passing through six-sided ice crystals high in the atmosphere. These ice crystals refract, or bend, light in the same manner that a camera lens bends light. The ring has a diameter of 22° , and sometimes, if you are lucky, it is also possible to detect a second ring, 44° diameter. Thin high cirrus clouds lofting at 20,000 feet or more contain tiny ice crystals that originate from the freezing of super cooled water droplets. These crystals behave like jewels refracting and reflecting in different directions. "

Personally I find it interesting to understand how things work....... in some instances. In the case of a Moon Dog it somewhat destroys the mystery. So in my book - -

It's magic!


Judy Kramer said...

My son in Ft.Myers Beach Fl. sent my your blog. I'm in Portland Or but my heart is in Big Rock, Il.
When I saw your pic. of the 1503 I just knew that must be one of my family of firefighters from Big Rock.
I love you pictures, they make me homesick for the rural life again. Thank you so much for the pictures of REAL LIFE.
Our view of the moon last night was spectacular too.

Zanne said...

Judy - thanks for visiting! Big Rock is one of my favorite places. That was a HUGE fire at a horse farm. The firefighters (volunteers in most of the communities) are amazing. I positioned myself at Kaneland High School where the firefighters were shuttling back and forth to load the water trucks.

Yes, this is real life on Northern Illinois prairieland. Coming up soon .... a report on what an AP writer found when he toured the heartland.

Floridacracker said...

When I hear moon dog I think surfing and the 60's...I just can't remember why right now. I'm thinking moondoggie was a character in some beachy surf movie/

srp said...

I keep trying to take pictures of the moon. Sometimes they come out, sometimes they don't and so far I haven't been able to really figure out why. This is lovely.

Rachel said...

Great picture of the moon and the clouds! Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Magic indeed. I love images of the moon and just love to gaze at the moon period. Mysterious and alluring...always.

Anonymous said...

One mostly clear night a couple of winters past I was lucky enough to distinctly see that double ring. It was awe inspiring.

Sheila said...

I think Coal Train and Moon Dog are my favorite images among the many wonderful photographs. Your blog is a treasure island.

You keep it marvellously simple which just adds to its beauty