Monday, January 30, 2006


This example of an old concrete silo shows the tension banding that held them together. They are quite beautiful and in this case the light from above filled the inner space with a warm glow.

This silo was destroyed about two weeks ago, along with the other silo and the corn crib. The barn and house will be next.


srp said...

I love your pictures of the "inside" of barns and such. Perhaps it stirs my explorer side that loved to poke through rubble and pretend we were in a magic castle or a gold mine or an old western ghost town. What adventures my cousins and I had in our grandpas barn.

abe/happy said...

Everything seems to be destroyed Was this for the safety or progress side of things?

ohwell nothing lasts forever I guess.

Lynne said...

I love the architecture of old barns and the various silos and outbuildings that are also a part of rural America... always have. I think your blog is so great. A real tribute to the all too quickly disappearing rural countryside. You actually live not too far from me -- I'm in Arlington Hts. -- a world away from the rural nature of your home -- but not all that many miles as the crow flies.

Keep taking the pictures -- and telling the stories. That's what I think is so important... the stories... and that those get passed along. Thank you for doing that. Thank you for a voice that brings so much respect and grace to the rural Midwest.