Friday, May 13, 2005

alice's place

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I called Alice a couple years ago, to see if I could sell her an ad in our local newspaper. "I don't need to advertise," she said. And she was right! They've built a new McDonalds about 2 miles from here, out on the main highway, but that is frequented by non-locals who are passing through on the way to Chicago, or heading west to Iowa. We all come to Alices if we want fast food. She has great burgers, chili cheese fries guaranteed to cause a log jam in some artery, and my favorite - soft serve ice cream. The cones are wonderful, but I love the Turtle cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, those great salty pecans and real whipped cream. And yes...that's an ice cream cone on the roof. I'll take you to some other great places, including Dari Ripple in Sycamore and Dari Mart in Huntley.


erica said...

love this shot! and i bet the ice cream is wonderful. mmmm.

Juli said...

Ice cream is my favorite food group. :) I'm happy to hear a mom n' pop is still making it despite being in the shadows of the corporates.

nrsnice1 said...

Don't forget Dairy Joy in Hinckley