Friday, May 27, 2005

hen house still life

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Three perfect eggs seem to glow in the afternoon shade on the windowsill of the hen house. Aged wood and dirty windows contrast with the perfect beauty of the forms. Inside an added bonus - a chicken feather leans upright against the glass.


John Hyden said...

I have a feeling you are quite a bit more than "the farmer's wife". Modesty is a nice quality and even more so when you have something to "crow" about. These photos are terrific and the writing is top notch.
Warm regards,

Zanne said...

Thanks so much for the kind comment John. I am not actually a "farmers wife", as we only have 2 rural acres which will not support livestock. But I wanted to choose a name for the blog that would give an instant recognition to the content and what I was attempting to portray. Like Kathleen Connolly I live in a rural area, and love and respect the culture. So the name is in spirit only...unfortunately. I would more than love to be tending to some broiler chicks or some stubborn billy goats!

Chris B said...

I really like this shot. The colors in the window contrast nicely with the monotonic eggs. the eggs are a little bright, but otherwise the shot really grabbed me.

Tai said...

I love this. The framing and background make three very prosaic objects three wonderfully interesting gems.

Thanks for your email! I will definitely check them out when I'm in the area in a month. Hope to meet you in person, perhaps :)