Sunday, May 08, 2005

the prize

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Fred is one of the many volunteers that keeps Garfield Farm Museum running. The volunteers feed and care for the livestock year round. This is no small task. There are the four oxen, lots of Java Chickens, geese, turkeys, two hogs and more, which means alot of work! Fred has taken the ox driving class before, but participates to hone his skills. As we walked behind the team towards the barnyard, Fred bent over and picked up a prize....a beautiful turkey feather. He assured me that he will use this to create four or five nice fishing lures. I found a turkey feather too! Mine will be used to create a photographic study of nests and feathers.

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Rurality said...

Great angle on this one! I love them all though. My mother told me that they used oxen on the farm when she was growing up, but I've yet to find a single picture of them... they just took them for granted I suppose.