Sunday, May 01, 2005


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Past efforts at restoring and maintaining this church west of Genoa, stand out in an odd patchwork image. Years ago panel were installed over the stained glass windows, and now they are clouded and yellowed with age. My guess is that originally the church was Presbyterian, but the old timers are long gone and the name of the church has been scratched out and never properly reidentified. The large structure has been repainted in patchwork fashion, the yellow tinge of a previous paint catches the eye. The congregations in these small town churches are sometimes not as vital as they once were. People are more mobile and willing to drive long distances to one of the more modern and "theatrical" houses of worship.

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pilgrim said...

I like the contrast between the church and the deep blue sky. As for preferences, I'd rather pray in a little countryside chapel than in a huge "theatrical" city church...