Tuesday, May 31, 2005


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Reluctantly I agreed to drive the 12 miles to town to pick up my husbands medication at the pharmacy. I was feeling grumpy as the car headed south on LaFox Road. Glancing to the left my eyes fell upon this sight. The first mow of hay lined the field in neat rows. I've heard about wrapping fresh bales of hay in plastic, but it's not a practice that is used around here. A giggle welled up as my mind pictured a mythical giant pitching marshmallows onto the open field. It's almost impossible to find a safe place to pull over on some of these roads. The shoulder is skimpy, so I pulled on a side road and walked to the guardrail. Of course I could have created a much more dramatic shot if I'd been willing to walk the half mile or so through the open field to compose the shot up close and personal!


Pablo said...

But we must make sacrifices for our art! And besides, weren't you hanging by your fingernails to get those bee pictures recently?

Regardless, I love your pix, and I visit your blog every single day!

KatKit13 said...

Can you just picture the skewer to toast one of those babies!? :)