Saturday, May 28, 2005


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I thought it would be interesting to occasionally post a vintage photo from my family collection. Imagine my surprise, only two weeks after attending an ox driving class, to find this photo in the bunch given to me by my uncle Jackie. There a distinction between snapshots and artistic photography, but snapshots serve an important function. They record daily life, which some time in the future becomes a point of interest and study. Knowing that my great uncle Jack was born about 108 years ago, this photo is probably 100 years old. The boys are riding in a ox cart and I thought it a little curious that all are wearing hats. The location is the Florida panhandle, just outside Westville. On the back they are identified - Top center and going clockwise - Jack Newton (my great uncle), James B. Wooten, sitting on the staves is Harry McCullough and someone identified only as Joe. They all long gone, but captured for one moment in a snapshot.

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Craig said...

More than interesting, thank you. In a way everbodys' shots become our family history too, in time.