Thursday, May 26, 2005


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The fresh hay was mowed day before yesterday. Today the baler ran through the field, forming perfect rectangles. They wait in the shade for the loader to put them on a truck. Nothing smells like fresh hay. The heaps of hay in the field are referred to as "mows".


sugarcreekfarm said...

Oh man, we're just waiting, waiting, waiting for a few days of dry weather so we can make hay. Doesn't sound like we're going to get it.

Zanne said...

Oh Kelly, you're making me laugh. I just think of the phrase, "Make hay while the sun shines!". I was photographing a field of corn sprouts yesterday evening and the farmer that owns the land stopped and said, "Whatcha doing?" He was just afraid I was a real estate agent or developer looking to snag his field for tract homes. We started talking and came to the conclusion that the corn needs HEAT and some RAIN. So would you send some here from Iowa??? Please?????