Tuesday, May 03, 2005

harvestore blue

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Grain silos stand side-by-side like soldiers at attention. The older type in khaki and the beautiful blue Harvestores shimmering in the twilight. The blue enamel has reacted with water and weather, streaking jewel toned colors down the length of the structure. In the harsh sunlight of midday it simply looks worn and stained. Only the special light of early evening reveals the hidden beauty. Photography is an affliction I'm afraid. My husband looks in my direction as I grab the camera and head towards the door. "Perfect light?" he questions.

Yes, just the perfect light to capture Harvestore blue.


Alan Brinker said...

Brings back memories of school in Northwest Indiana. A lot of these pictures do. Photography may be an affliction, but I suspect there are worse burdens to carry.

Sidney said...

There is beauty in everything. You just need to learn to see it. Obviously you know it already.
Nice shot !

Rurality said...

Thanks for visiting me Suzanne, in a strange twist of small-blogging-world, I had just clicked over to your excellent blog(s) yesterday! I didn't have time to post a comment (I was waiting on a return call and when it happened I had to rush) but bookmarked it to return when I had a spare minute. Your pictures are breathtaking!

Chris B said...

Silos make great subjects, and they don't try to run away. the different blues are quite compelling.