Friday, May 06, 2005

in sheeps clothing

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This beauty peeks out from behind a doorway at Josie's Antique Farm in DeKalb. Some of the people around here have good skills and shear their sheep by hand, card the wool, dye with natural colors, spin and create wonderful skeins of wool. This is not something I've learned to do, and I'm always curious about how they deal with the lanolin in the raw wool. There should be demonstrations at the Garfield Farm Rare Breeds show at the end of the month, and maybe I can ask the sheep shearer. Tomorrow there's a class on driving a team of oxen! Hopefully, I'll get some good photos.


pilgrim said...

How soft wool! I want to caress it.

Dath Vader said...

Very Nice Shot.

Rurality said...

What a great picture. Strangely enough, I watched a little of a sheep shearing today (at the craft show), they old fashioned way with hand shears. Forgot to take my camera, duh.