Thursday, May 19, 2005

live oak and tire swing

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Two years ago we vacationed in the Carolinas. It's often my habit to leave the main roads and drive the countryside to find things of interest. North of Charleston we left the highway and drove towards the coast, coming upon the very tiny communty of McClellanville. This is where the shrimp boats make safe harbor. It was hot and dead still, not a blade of grass moved nor leaf rustled. The tire swing hung in the middle of town, suspended from a majestic, ancient live oak tree dripping with Spanish moss. I'd brought along an inexpensive point and click film camera, and the package of film I'd purchased contained a bonus roll of black and white. The scene was from another time and another place. To Kill a Mockingbird came to mind and I half expected Scout and Jem to come along and pass their afternoon hanging from the tire swing.


jespes said...

hi, farmer's wife,

jespes here from the weird thing going on over at photoblogs. I was just about to post this on the thread, but before I could hit send the comments got closed. But since it was already typed -- and since you asked -- here it is:


"Is it a full moon?"

Good question. And believe it or not, the answer is in this very thread! (sort of). According to Cheryl's site, it is currently a waxing gibbous moon:

Amazed at the things to be learned hanging out here...


Rurality said...

It looks like it could be a scene out of south Alabama as well. Love the live oaks, especially the old ones like this.

pilgrim said...

Really a "vintage" scene. Great B&W choice.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet and timeless picture. DH just ran out to the car to get the road atlas to see if he could find McClellanville!