Sunday, May 15, 2005

nothing runs like a deere

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Innocent looking clouds gather on the great plains. They form an angry mob and race across the Mississippi River, gaining speed and bearing down on the open farmland. When I was a kid people in the country did not take storms lightly. My uncle would unplug all electrical appliances and we would sit in the parlor of the farmhouse and wait for the storm to pass. This farmer races the John Deere back to the barn before the storm hits.


pilgrim said...

Beautiful capture. I love the contrast between the dark, heavy sky and the brightly illuminated JD. I can feel the storm threat.

Chris B said...

innocent?! another incredible sky shot. the magnitude of the open space is really emphasized by that "little" tractor down in the corner.

Zanne said...

HA HA Chris - they're innocent looking when they're out in Kansas...they get mad when they head east!